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Euvis is a fabless IC company founded in 2000 with venture  capital and a team of experts specializing in the design of  high-performance RF, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs).  Owing to the company's experience in research and development from  device physics to large-scale circuits in various advanced technologies  such as GaAs HBT, InP HBT, GaAs MESFET/HEMT, SiGe BiCMOS, and Si RF  CMOS, we are able to develop and commercialize affordable  state-of-the-art products in their respective optimal process  technologies. In addition to IC products, we offer generic application  modules integrating our state-of-the-art IC products on the boards to  facilitate customers embedding our products into their application  systems. We are offering both IC and application module solutions for  data communications, commercial applications, consumer applications, and  defense industries.         
Our current products include high linearity RFICs for WiMAX,  3G/Cellular infrastructures; high dynamic range variable gain linear  amplifiers and Gsps broadband Track-and-Hold amplifiers for front ends  of GHz ADCs; high-speed mixed-signal ICs of Digital-to-Analog Converter  (DAC), Direct-Digital Synthesizer (DDS), and Multiplexed DAC (MUXDAC);  10G analog communication ICs of Laser Diode Driver (LDD),  Trans-Impedance Amplifier (TIA), and Limiting Amplifier (LIA). We  started to ship our first arbitrary waveform generation module and  arbitrary programmable real-time chirping DDS module in Q2/2007.  Based  on customers’ requests and feedbacks, more application modules will be  available soon.  Please visit the Product Information pages for more  information.         

Multi-GHz Direct Digital Synthesizer
Up to > 8 Gsps DAC with MUX
4 ~ 10 Gbps 2:1 to 8:1 Multiplexers
Track/Hold, Linear & Limiting Amp
OC-192 TIA & Laser Diode Driver
>10 GHz  Static and Programmable Prescalers

Module Products                             FMC Modules (FMC)
Data Acquisition Module (DAQ)
Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG)
Arbitrary Chirping Source (DSM)
Arbitrary Chirping Transmitter (DST)
Digitally Delayed Synthesizer (SYN)
PLL Synthesizer Module (CKM) Waveform Module (WM)

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