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For over 30 years, Farran have been on the leading-edge of  millimetre-wave development.  Serving emerging and mature markets,  covering Test & Measurement, Radar & Imaging, Communications,  Research and Aerospace.  Farran offers a wide range of Test &  Measurement systems such as VNA Extenders, Noise Figure Analyser and  Frequency Extension Sources from 40 GHz to 500GHz.  Farran also offers  Waveguide based components, which include Amplifiers, Detectors,  Frequency Converters, Mixers, Multipliers and Gunn Oscillator Sources.

Farran Technology has invested heavily in its capabilities for the  design and manufacture of multi-chip MMIC band modules in the frequency  range 10-100 GHz. As a custom manufacturer of components and subsystems  we offer you our wealth of expertise.
Farran has placed a strong emphasis on the development of integrated  in-house facilities to provide the highest quality standards and fast  delivery times. The company continues to invest in state-of-the-art  software design tools, test & measurement equipment, prototyping  equipment, semi-automated assembly equipment and automated CNC  equipment.

Throughout its history Farran Technology Engineering has been  renowned for working at the leading edge of mm-Wave Technology. Today  this is still our goal. We work in conjuction with several acedemic  establishments, including the Tyndall Institiute, Cork, on collaborative  research projects. We are actively involved in projects funded by ESA  and the EEC. It is from these projects that some of our product lines  are derived. A major proportion of our engineering is directed at  manufacturing processes, to ensure our products have consistent  performance and reliability. This is not only important for our military  products, but also  ensures on time delivery to specification.
Our engineering staff have come from many academic and industry  backgrounds and their skills range from fundamental microwave  semiconductor research through to the practical engineering of complete  mm-wave systems. Our design tools include Ansoft HFSS electromagnetic  simulation and Agilent ADS for mm-Wave circuit design.
The research and development activity is back up by a solid  mechanical engineering design capability. Our design office has many  years experience in mechanical design for manufacture and for specific  environmental conditions. We make extensive use of the capabilties of  Autodesk Inventor and Mechnical Desktop. By use of Edgecam we can  quickly transfer designs to the CNC machining facility.

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