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Millimeter wave MMIC ; Wide range front-end IC & function IC from 50 to 120 GHz.
High reliability MMICs, modules, sub-systems, power devices and modules in Microwave range.
Euvis provide components high  dynamic range variable gain linear amplifiers and Gsps broadband  Track-and-Hold amplifiers for front ends of GHz ADCs; high-speed  mixed-signal ICs of Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), Direct-Digital  Synthesizer (DDS), and Multiplexed DAC (MUXDAC); 10G analog  communication ICs of Laser Diode Driver (LDD), Trans-Impedance Amplifier  (TIA), and Limiting Amplifier (LIA).
M-pulse manufactures  and processes Silicon Transistor Products, Silicon, Germanium, and GaAs  diodes for medical, commercial, consumer and defense applications.  M-pulse specializes in custom and semi-custom applications and is noted  for our quick response ability.
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