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Noise Source product

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Noise Source Products
Noise Source Products that enable the predictability of RF systems under real-world noise conditions.

The Problem: Noise is a random and unpredictable natural  phenomenon that occurs everywhere. In RF communication systems; whether  wireless,  microwave, satellite, audio or video, noise emanates from every  component inside the system, sending out "unwanted" signals through the  network. Since RF  communication receivers often have to process weak signals, the unwanted  noise signal, even if it comes from the tiniest component in the  system, can  easily obscure a signal, resulting in poor overall system performance.

The Solution: When designing a new system, or working to improve  an existing one, noise itself can be a helpful tool for finding and  measuring  unwanted noise levels within the system design.

If a known level of noise is injected into an RF system, it becomes a  reference point, or benchmark, against which to gauge unwanted noise  levels. The  difference between the known, injected noise level and the actual noise  level provides the system "noise figure", which is an extremely useful  number  widely employed by system engineers in the design process.

Once the noise figure is known, the overall system sensitivity is easily  determined. Noise figure also provides the basis on which to evaluate  and compare  one RF system to another. While there are many other measuring devices  that characterize the entire RF system, noise is unique in that it can  be used to  characterize individual components within the system as well -  amplifiers, filters, switches. In this way, noise can be used to seek  out the biggest single  contributors to overall system noise levels, giving system designers and  engineers a practical starting point for designing RF systems that will  perform  well under real-world noise conditions.
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