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High Precision Phase Stable Test Cable

Acculine is the millimeter wave testing cable components featuring high-performance, high-precision, fixed amplitude and stable phase which are especially developed for network analyzer and other professional applications. Its maximum operating frequency can reach up to 50GHz. The product adopts the most advanced international cable structure and armor program. The cable is composed of different multi-function layers, conducting special control over the material of each functional layer and process. The composite structural layer design ensures the stability and the mechanical life cycle of the product’s electrical performance. The armor is additionally equipped with an original layer for twist resistance. The outer layer is protected by high-strength PTFE weaving, resistant to wear and high temperature, with nice appearance. Acculine testing cable features stable performance and long life cycle, which can significantly improve customers’ testing precision and reduce testing cost.

- Excellent bending phase and amplitude stability
- Stable test consistency, repeatability
- Super flexible  and easy to bend
- Small diameter and light weight
- Anti-Stress and anti-torsion armor, long using life
- Maximum temperature +150°C

Typical Applications
- VNA Vector Network Analyzer
- RF and microwave test instruments
- Production line test
- Electromagnetic Compatibility Test
- Automatic Test System
- Lab measurement
- Precision differential test
- Integrated test rack system
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