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New Devices

K-band Low Noise Amplifier  

High Power Wideband Power Amplifier

Frequency Range: 17-27GHz
Noise Figure: 2.2dB
Gain: 28dB
Output P1dB: +21dBm

Frequency Range0.7-2.7GHz
Gain: 57dB
Output P1dB:51dBm
Output Psat:53dBm

The DBLNA217702600A is a wideband low noise amplifier which operates from 17 to 27 GHz.The amplifier delivers 28 dB of gain with a noise figure of 2.2 dB typ. and P1dB of +21dBm.  The amplifier has low power consumption and uses +12V to +15V power supply, with a typical current value of 168mA. It is ideal for test measurement and wireless infrastructure.
This is a wide band High-Power Amplifier based on GaN design. The Gain can be up to 57dB typ. during the working frequency band of 0.7-2.7GHz. The Psat of this amplifier can be up to 200W, and P1dB up to 125W, and its efficiency can be up to 25%. The operating voltage is +36V@20A, with high stabilities, high reliabilities, high linear characteristics, supporting both pulse and continuous-wave work.

Ultra Wide Band Low Noise Amplifier

The DBLNA300101800A is a wideband GaAs low noise amplifier which operates from 0.5 to 20 GHz . The amplifier delivers 60 dB of gain with a noise figure of 2 dB typ. and P1dB of +22 dBm.  It is a 50ohm well matched. The amplifier is an ideal for test measurement and wireless infrastructure.
SA1036 High Power Amplifier
SA1036 is suitable for multi-octave bandwidth high power CW, modulated, and pulse applications. This amplifier utilizes high power GaN device that provides wide frequency from 1000 MHz to 2500 MHz with minimum output power 350 Watt. With various options, we assure that SA1036 has consistent performance and the high reliability. To review all specs, please download the data-sheet.
PIMD Analyzer
The PIMD (Inter modulation Distortion) is created by passive components (such as antennas, filters, couplers, and dividers). Connectors and cables can be a nuisance for mobile network operators and maintenance engineers; SUNGSAN E&C's PIMD Analyzers obtain high quality of technical accuracy and expertise, reducing leadtime and cost of isolating components before installing the network system.
PA3102 High Power Amplifier
As TDD amplifiers, this high power amplifiers, PA3102 is included Tx, Px pass. Its operating frequency is from 2496 MHz to 2690 MHz with 44.7 dBm, which is based on PAR 8.5 dB. You can review all specs regarding PA3102 by downloading the data-sheet.
SA2033 High Power Amplifier
SA2033, which is 5U Shelf type Amplifiers, operates at LTE Band 42(3400 MHz to 3600 MHz) with Output Power 500 Watt and Its Power Gain is typical 57 dB. With outstanding performance, reasonable price and high reliability, it would be fit on RF burn-in, such as RF Component and Antenna. You can review all specs by downloading the data-sheet.
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