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1.     Center Conductor
2.     Dielectric
3.     Inner Shield
4.     Outer Shield
5.     Jacket
6.     Steel Armor
7.     Anti-torsion Braid
8.     Waterproof layer
9.     PTFE Braid

FSB-K armored cable with phase and amplitude stability is the ideal solution for military radar, phased array radar, electronic warfare, ship borne systems, field testing and other applications in harsh natural environment. The versatile product can meet the requirements of relatively stringent requirements on plug-in loss, mechanical phase stability, and amplitude and temperature phase stability. The armor especially designed can provide very reliable protection for internal cables, so that the product features excellent resistance to compression, tension, sand, wear and other mechanical properties. The series of products have even more excellent properties in environmental performance and they are resistant to water, salt spray corrosion, high temperature and ultraviolet. FSB-K is superior to products with equal electrical performance in smaller diameter and lighter weight when compared with the program adopting other cables and external armor.
Feature & Benefits
-       Excellent phase stable vs. temperature
-       Excellent mechanical phase and amplitude stability
-       Ultra-low loss
-       Excellent shielding performance
-       Good bending performance
-       Good power handling station

Typical applications
-       Phase Array Radar
-       Electronic Warfare
-       Shipboard system
-       Microwave System interconnection

Expect the Steel Armor above, also have PUR, PVC armors for your option.

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